About Us

It all started with one candid request. That was enough to start the Journey of Giving between a husband and wife who believed in and made giving back central to their life. The request was to help out neurosurgical residents and to supply their training charity hospital with much needed materials for their education and ultimately, be given the ability to provide care for their patients. As a young resident himself, Dr. Aldana was asked to collect used disposable instruments and deliver them to the Philippines.  Through the years, the evolution of the requests ranged from textbooks, journals, lectures and training for residents.

15 years later, from  that one request, NOF was founded in 2009 and incorporated in 2010 and is the inspiration for many of its programs. Access to care begins with education. NOF programs aim to provide opportunities for all healthcare players to advance care for brain diseases for those who are most challenged in accessing them.

To this day, NOF continues to answer requests and more people have joined the Journey of Giving to promote the advancement of neurosurgical care in underserved communities through service, education, and support.