Anna’s Bandanas has a new look but it’s purpose is the same!

Imagine you are a young child recovering from brain surgery. You look in the mirror and you see that half your hair has been shaved off and it has been replaced with a long, red scar. Although you’re glad that the surgery went well, you’re disheartened by the way you look. That’s exactly what happened to Anna, a patient with a brain tumor, who timidly asked a nurse for a bandana to cover her head.

Inspired by Anna, our bandanas help cheer up children who have had brain surgery. We have created a bright, colorful tie-dye bandana that will work for both boys and girls, and is sure to brighten up their day, and yours.

The bandanas are made of 100% cotton and now come in 3 different tie dye colors! We have the original, blue, gold/gray.

Anna's Bandanas

Anna's Bandanas
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of Ariel Photography

Anna's Bandanas







For every $10 you donate, we give one bandana to a child.

Donate $20 and you get one, too!

Click here to donate. Thank you!

Anna’s Bandanas is on Instagram! Follow to learn more about pediatric brain cancer and hear stories from survivors like Anna.



Pediatric patients gifted with Anna’s Bandanas:

Children’s National Neurosurgery Department, Washington DC, USA (2019)
CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, Uganda (2015)
Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Cebu, Philippines (2014)
The Philippine General Hospital, Manila, Philippines (2014)
The University of Florida, Proton Therapy Institute, Jacksonville, Florida, USA  (2013)


Giving back to Jax, is definitely a no-brainer! Over the years, NOF relied on local businesses and the Jacksonville community as a whole to help in its mission. The generosity of these businesses and individuals has helped make NOF what it is today. During this unprecedented time, many of them are now hurting. It is NOF’s turn to rise and help members of the community. We invite all of you to be one with us in keeping Jax strong as it fights against COVID-19. 

One of the ways we have done this is with Anna’s Bandanas. We re-purposed old stock of bandanas and sewn them as masks. They were then donated to healthcare workers.